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Medical Gear Bags

We have medical gear bags available for every level of use.

Essential Medical Bag

If this is your first medical bag or you want something more sleek and lightweight, this bag is for you. This is perfect for medical assistants, vet techs, or physical therapists, and people who work in nursing homes or hospices.

Medical Gear Bag

A bit more heavyweight than the essential bag, this is perfect for doctors, EMTs, and others who might need to pack a bit more medical supplies. The medical gear bag is still incredibly lightweight, weighing only two pounds.

Medical Gear Backpack

A backpack that still looks professional as a medical bag. This physician medical bag is incredibly popular among medical students and medical professionals who may need to carry a backpack around.

The Aegis - Antimicrobial Medical Supply Organizer, Medic Supplies

$79.99 $99.99
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$79.99 $99.99

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