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About Us

About Us

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New Gear Medical, a division of New Gear Brands LLC, is the original manufacturer of antimicrobial bags and leads the industry in designing and crafting medical bags and accessories for today’s health care professional.

We are highly committed to the ever-evolving healthcare community by providing critical key product features like infection control and durable, long-life product construction.

Our USA designed antimicrobial medical bags will exceed your expectations for high quality and versatile functionality.

The Needs We Meet

Customized Solutions - New Gear Brands LLC, will design and manufacture an anti-microbial carry solution for your equipment, devices, and supplies.  Our products are most popular in the healthcare industry under our trade name, New Gear Medical.  

We offer solutions for many industries including sports, education, and technology.  Let our design experts create your antimicrobial carry solution with a custom product made to your specifications.  Our anti-microbial material provides critical key features like infection control, durable product construction and protection.  Let us provide a customized solution for your organization with our broad manufacturing capabilities.

Partnership Opportunities

New Gear Brands is in pursuit of partnership opportunities with retailers, buying groups and distributors throughout the U.S. and worldwide interested in representing our brand and products.  Please contact us with your interest.

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