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Antimicrobial Technology

What is antimicrobial technology?

Antimicrobial technology describes the knowledge, expertise and methods of using agents that kill microorganisms or inhibit their growth.

 What does antimicrobial mean?

Antimicrobial is used to describe substances or materials which demonstrate the ability to reduce the presence of microbes, such as bacteria and mold.

 What is the difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial?

An antimicrobial is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes: this includes bacteria, mold, fungi and even viruses.  An antibacterial is only effective against bacteria.

 How does the antimicrobial agent work on a New Gear Medical bag?

Our antimicrobial agent is introduced to the bag material during the manufacturing process.  This broad spectrum efficacy agent affects the health of the microbe, inhibiting its growth and causing it to die.  This built-in antimicrobial protection means bacteria and other microbes cannot survive on the bag, providing infection control.

Our products have been independently tested and meet international standards AATCC 30.

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