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Bags for Medical Professionals

At New Gear Medical, we have bags for medical professionals. We understand as healthcare workers you need a bag that you can rely on. We are proud to say that all our medical bags and totes are manufactured with antimicrobial material that will help fight off unwanted germs.

We sell a variety of bags that are suitable for all levels of healthcare. We highly recommend our medical bags to everyone in the healthcare industry; specifically, to home health nurses, emergency medics, travel nurses and physicians, nurses, and licensed practical nurses. At New Gear Medical, we carefully designed each of our bags to ensure they are durable and professional.

Our three medical bags include the essential medical bag, the medical gear bag, and the medical gear backpack.

The essential medical bag

The essential medical bag is ideal for anyone purchasing their first medical bag. It is the perfect lightweight bag. We recommend this bag to medical assistants, vet techs, and physical therapists, as well as healthcare workers that work in nursing homes and hospices.

The medical gear bag

The medical gear bag is durable but still weighs only two pounds. The bag is a must-have for doctors and emergency medical technicians. This medical bag will securely hold all your medical equipment.

The medical gear backpack

The medical gear backpack is a good fit for medical students and medical professionals. We developed this bag for medical professionals who prefer to carry a backpack versus a handbag. The medical backpack has the looks of a traditional backpack but is conveniently made with an antimicrobial material.

Our goal is for you to have a bag that safely carries all your medical gear and possessions because we know how important it is. New Gear Medical’s medical kit bags are excellent for organizing all your supplies.

Browse our website for more information about our bags for medical professionals. We are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns about our medical products.

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