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Reusable Antimicrobial Barrier Sheet - In 2 sizes



NGM-931 Large Barrier Sheet 

NGM-932 Small Barrier Sheet

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic Antimicrobial Material Provides Infection Control -  germs won't follow you home.
  • Highest Quality Design & Construction
  • A reusable sheet provides clean work environments.
  • Used by doctors, nurses, hospitals, home healthcare workers, dentists, teachers and moms!  Our barrier sheets make great baby changing pads, too!

 Our products have been independently tested and meet international standards AATCC tm30.

DETAILS - Protect your space

  • A reusable antimicrobial barrier sheet provides a safe work area and infection control
  • Can be folded for compact storage & transport
  • Easy cleaning – wipes clean with a damp cloth or launder
  • Constructed of antimicrobial material
  • Dimensions: Large 36” L x 28” W, Small 12" x 18""
  • Weight: Large 0.04 lbs, Small .02 lbs.

 If soiled use soap and water or disinfectant on a damp cloth to wipe the bag clean; the antimicrobial coating will not be affected.

Note: Medical equipment, trolley, and supplies are not included.

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